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It is usually easy to become a member of the Boys' Brigade and you may be able to join a company straightaway just by calling at a section meeting. But it is advisable to contact them beforehand to ensure that there isn't a waiting list and check that they will be meeting when you first visit.

Boys will usually be allowed to attend for a while before buying uniform and maybe enjoy a week or two before paying subs!


Consent Form

The company will require the parent / carer to sign a consent form early on, giving permission for the boy to take part in the company's activities. This is necessary to meet insurance requirements but also gives leaders a record of contact details. Parents may use this form to tell leaders anything about the child such as medical conditions or allergies.


Companies have different systems for collecting subs; weekly, by term or annually. Some have arranged to claim tax from H M Revenue and Customs. If so, they will ask those who pay subs from a taxed income to complete a simple Gift Aid form. The extra income from Gift Aid, perhaps several hundred pounds a year, helps the company provide more for members.


The basic uniform is usually a red sweatshirt for Anchor Boys, blue sweatshirt for Junior Section and blue polo shirt and/or sweatshirt or white shirt and BB tie, worn with dark trousers and shoes for Company/Senior Sections. Companies will have their own policies for uniform and clothing at meetings. Leaders will explain about uniform and what they expect boys to wear at meetings. Companies can often offer second hand items to help with the cost.


Leaders will be happy to explain what they offer boys and what they expect from boys and parents in return. They will be happy to answer any questions and listen to any points a parent wants to make about their son's welfare. But remember that this is easier at the end of the meeting than at the beginning when leaders are busy preparing.

Boys' Brigade is a Christian organisation and the Company is a part of the local Church. Leaders will explain what attendance at church or Sunday school they expect of members.

Leaders’ Qualifications

Every activity is planned and supervised by Officers who have completed Brigade training which includes Child Protection and Safety. All regular leaders, whether Officers or not, are approved by the Church and registered with the Brigade.

The Church will ensure that everybody who regularly comes into contact with children and young people is familiar with, and works to, the standards required by its child protection policies.

The Object of the Boy’s Brigade:

The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.

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