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Introduction and Disclaimer

This list of resources has been compiled by members of the Battalion. We have not been able to check each website listed here completely so if you find any that are not suitable for a Christian organisation please let us know. We suggest you check thoroughly before recommending any site to your children and young people.


Some are commercial sites included for the useful material they contain. We do not necessarily endorse any commercial products advertised or mentioned.


Some of the resources are programs to be downloaded. You must make your own assessment whether it is safe to do so, considering virus and other possible effects on your computer. Please let us know of any bad links in order that they can be removed from the site.


If you have used these or any other links in your youth work and found them useful we would welcome further contributions to this page. Please send your comments about this page, reports of bad links and suggestions for other sites to the Battalion Secretary, Glen Johnson.

Bible Teaching and Drama


A community effort sharing Quality drama scripts by Christians around the World.


HAMA BeadsTarquin BooksOri-landUsborne BooksFree Coloring PagesAlex's Paper Planes

Tarquin Books (Paper / Card Models)


Big, colourful origami site

Pages to print out with links to other similar sites

Alex’s Paper Planes

Quizzes and Puzzles

Livewire Puzzles

Make your own Dissection Puzzles

Indoor Games

Outdoor Games

American Scout Site

American Scout site of Outdoor Activities

42nd Brighton Scouts

The Object of the Boy’s Brigade:

The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.

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Light Links Christian Discovery
Dovecot Sunday School

A range of material, ideas and resources for Children’s ministry

Discovery School
Eclipse Crossword

Create your own Crosswords

Achievements and Award Work

Roper's Knot Page

Ropers Knot Page with links to knot related websites

Learn about knots

Ordnance Survey MapZone

Ordnance Survey Learn all about maps

Flags of the World
Steve Abbot's Celtic Knots

Health and Safety

Food Standards AgencyWelephant Fire SafetyFoodLinkROSPABrake - the road safety charity

Safety advice for staff and material for teaching Children

Get the Road Safety message across

Food Safety advice for staff with material for Children

Welephant’s Web Site

Kids games and quizzes on Fire Safety

Hymns and Music


Cyber Hymnal

Over 4,800 Christian Hymns and Gospel Songs with lyrics, scores, MIDI files

Oremus Hymnal
The Ames Hymn Collection
Farmer's Boys

Farmers’ Boys

Bugle Calls

Trips and Overnights

Essex Outdoors

Essex County Council’s Outdoor Education Service

Centres at Bradwell, Danbury, Harlow and Mersea

HMS Belfast

‘Kip in a Ship’ on HMS Belfast


Hunter Outdoor Training Standard or customised training in outdoor pursuits including hillcraft, survival, navigation and leadership


Fun and GamesEgad IdeasScouting ResourcesScoutbaseSurfing the net with Kids

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